Children's Book Illustration

Two twins, shipwrecked and separated by a fatal tornado eight years ago, discover, each for themselves that the other is incredibly still alive. Alba and Tiago launch themselves in search of each other, across the Caribbean Sea in endless adventures, and discovering within themselves certain magical abilities.


Character development and over 40 detailed illustrations were created to accompany Maria Urbina-Fausers’ magical coming of age adventure story, as twins Tiago and Alba discover sea creatures and supernatural abilities through the beautiful Carribean. 

Illustration work was a mix of full spread, colour, line and illustrated initials at the beginning of the chapter. Full book layout and design was also completed, opting for a linen paper wrap, gold foil embossing and illustrated end pages. In a story that is rich with detailed imagery, it was important to create a beautiful, old wordly book in an attempt to do justice to the sense of magicism created through the world of Caribe.

A much anticipated sequel to Caribe is in production.