Doodlebug Creative Studio is for businesses and start ups to outsource their design needs to the experts.

DBCS is there to help companies and individuals actualise their dreams, their ‘babies’, their projects. Be it a logo, a t-shirt or a full range of merchandise. Our purpose is to be that link between a good idea and a realised vision. We can even provide the ideas.

Not only can we create the design, but we can actually make it, import it and help you photograph, style and distribute it.

With more than 10 years manufacturing experience we know how to mitigate risk and take some leaps that might be holding you back. If you need someone to hold your hand along the way, we got you.



How we can help

Whether you are a company looking to introduce a product line and don’t know where to start, or an individual sitting on the next Big Thing this is where we shine. We can work with your ideas, or start from scratch with well researched market led possibilities. The sky is the limit with experience in clothing and fabric design, bags and accessories, jewellery, essential oils, book design, candles, food and even pet food. We design from first sketch through to the sampling, packaging, manufacturing and importing if necessary. We run it all.

I’m sure your cousin makes wicked logos. And that thing you whipped up in Canva looks pretty ace too. But your brand, is much more than your logo. We are seriously interested in building memorable brand Identities (yes, including logos) that go beyond fashion and are a true reflection of who you are. Stand out as a professional in a world of instagram copy cats with something considered, meaningful and bespoke.

In todays competitive retail environment, the way you package and display your product is as crucial as the product itself. The packaging is the first ‘hello’ to your potential consumer, and with over a decade in retail and wholesale experience this is something we cannot emphasise enough. Our approach is highly creative, with a large consideration to environmental impact.

and ready for retail release. Consider us the Prince Charming to your sleeping Snow White. Sometimes even the best of ideas can seem overwhelming or impossible to tackle on your own. Having launched over 50 different products we know how to make things happen. Quickly.

Essential design skills, processes and insight from a skilled industry professional. The rag trade is tricky business, but oh so much fun. From pattern making to fabric design to working with ethical factories overseeing production we are all over it. This includes T-shirt designs and print patterns on clothing, homewares and accessories.

Children’s book illustration, both digital and good old fashioned pen and paper. Whimsical custom illustration for editorials, card inserts, tattoos, blogs and packaging.

Fashion Lookbooks, postcards, posters, advertisements, book and magazine layout, business cards etc.

From large scale music festivals to sole trader small runs, and with a special care and attention to detail from a specialist designer partnering with ethical manufacturing.

When starting out the ideas are too many, and hours and hours of your life can be lost to researching and learning everything from google. The options and to-do lists are endless, how could you possibly have the time to pursue them all. Sitting down with someone who has been where you are to help clarify your vision and find a clear path forward with actionable steps is an invaluable time saver. How can you get where you want to end up without knowing exactly where you are going? Having been there, let us share our knowledge and experience to get you blazing on your path. Sometimes it really does take a tribe.


How we Work